Connecticut Courtroom Resources

BIA Practice Manual
Board of Immigration Appeals - (pdf)
Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct
EOIR Immigration Court Practice Manual
Available online and in pdf
Federal Rules of Apellate Procedure
Title VI. Habeas corpus; proceedings in forma pauperisF.R.A.P. 22. Habeas corpus and section 2255 proceedingsF.R.A.P. 23. Custody or release of a prisoner in a habeas corpus proceedingF.R.A.P. 24. Proceeding in forma pauperisTitle VII. General ProvisionsF.R.A.P. 25. Filing and serviceF.R.A.P. 28. BriefsF.R.A.P. 29. Brief of amicus curiaeF.R.A.P. 47. Local rules by courts of appeals