Immigration Practice Manuals

AILA Asylum Primer: A Practical Guide to U.S. Asylum Law and Procedure
Germain, Regina (2007) - L4
Asylum Case Law Sourcebook: Master Index and Case Abstracts for U.S. Court Decisions
Martin, David A. (2006) - L4
Civics and Citizenship Toolkit: A Collection of Educational Resources for Immigrants
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (2007) - Gov Docs
Essentials of Removal and Relief: Representing Individuals in Immigration Proceedings
Vail, Joseph A. (2006) - L4
H-1B Handbook
Bell, Stephen C. and Austen T. Fragomen (2008) - L4 and Westlaw
Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity: A Guide to Representing Foreign-Born Defendants
Kramer, Mary E. (2008) - L4
Immigration Legislation Handbook
(2010) Also available as an electronic resource
Immigration Practice
Divine, Robert C. (2010-2011)
Immigration Procedures Handbook
(2010-2011) Also available as an electronic resource
Kurzban - Immigration Law Sourcebook
Kurzban, Ira J. (2010) - L4, Reference, Permanent Reserve, LSO Library
Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Seeking Asylum Alone: United States
Bhabha, Jacqueline and Susan Schmidt (2006) - L4 and online
State Immigration Employment Compliance Handbook
Fragomen, Austin T. (2010) - L4
U.S. Immigration Made Easy
Canter, Laurence A. and Martha S. Siegal (2011) - Reference