Instructions for submitting articles to law journals with Expresso


ExpressO is a law review submission service of bepress (Berkeley Electronic Press) by which scholars may manage and track paper submissions to multiple journals. Almost all law reviews accept submissions either through ExpressO or their own websites. YLS Faculty, students, fellows and may use ExpressO’s submission service at no personal cost.* 

Indiscriminate submissions to a large number of law reviews is strongly discouraged. Such an approach is often an unwise and potentially counter-productive publication strategy. Further, in the aggregate, mass submissions not only burden YLS library (each submission to each journal costs the library $2.20), but increase costs system-wide as student editors, faculty, and staff across institutions keep pace with elevated submission levels.  If you have questions about ExpressO, please contact Fred Shapiro, Associate Librarian for Collections & Access, (203)432-4840.

To use the ExpressO service:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on SUBMIT NOW. Create account if you have not previously done so. 
  3. Select and verify the list of journals where you would like to have your manuscript delivered.
  4. Upload your manuscript, with title and subject area (other metadata, cover letter, CV all optional).
  5. Review delivery details and click on FINISH. A detailed receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your delivery.

*J.D. STUDENTS: You must use the ExpressO student account. 

FACULTY, LECTURERS, FELLOWS, AND J.S.D., L.L.M. AND Ph.D. students: You may use the ExpressO faculty account. If you have not already done so, please contact Fred Shapiro to be added to this account.

Scholastica, a similar submission service, is only available to YLS professors, associate professors and assistant professors. You may contact Fred Shapiro with questions about Scholastica.

Washington & Lee’s Submissions & Rankings database can be a useful resource in a targeted submission strategy.