Introduction to 5th Hour Legal Research

The goal of the Fifth Hour Legal Research Program is to give you the ability to conduct the research necessary to write your briefs. We also want to expose you to the complexities (and fun) of legal research! Below, you'll find the contact information for the Librarian teaching your Small Group's Fifth Hour Legal Research Classes. Please contact your librarian or anyone on the reference staff if you have any questions about legal research, the library, or our collections and resources.

Small Group Liaisons

Small Group(s)
Michael VanderHeijden
Head of Faculty Services
309 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-4367
Evelyn Ma
Reference Librarian for Foreign & International Law
Room 0004 (L1)
Phone: 203-432-7120
Brilmayer, Markovits
Sarah Ryan, PhD
Lecturer in Legal Research & Empirical Research Librarian
Phone: 203-436-9253
Carter, Listokin
Cate Kellett
Catalog and Government Documents Librarian
Room 013 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-6443
Ryan Harrington
Head of Reference/Specialist in Foreign & International Law
0005 (L1)
Phone: 203-432-7371
Margaret Chisholm
Reference Librarian
127 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-8918
Phone: 432-8153, 432-1606
(fax) 203-432-2112
Jordan Jefferson
Reference Librarian
Room 312 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-8542
Rodriguez, Rubenfeld
Julie Krishnaswami
Head of Instruction; Lecturer in Legal Research
127 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-8918
Phone: 203-432-7934
John Nann
Associate Librarian for Reference & Instructional Services
L-314A (L3)
Phone: 203-432-1259