Access to PACER

May 1, 2013

Most of the material that is available on PACER is available in the docket databases on Bloomberg Law and Westlaw. PACER has a few more of the underlying documents and is the only source for certain stypes of cases, Bloomberg Law and Westlawhave all of the docket information available in PACER (except for a few classes of cases) and most of the underlying documents. In addition, Bloomberg Law includes access to many state dockets and some UK dockets.

Bloomberg Law and Westlaw should be your first docket research stop. PACER charges $0.10 per page VIEWED. The law libary MAY reimburse you for PACER charges that you incur, however, to be eligible for reimursement, you must meet with John Nann (  or Julie Krishnaswami ( before you incur the charges. You must register for your own PACER account here:

Please check out our docket research guide for more information.  And the Law Library collects certain records and briefs, see our court records, briefs and oral arguments research guide for more information

If you’d like to learn how to use PACER without incurring any charges, please use the PACER Training Website.  




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