Book Talk – Social Entrepreneurship in the Age of Atrocities

February 4, 2013
Event location: 

SLB 120

Event time: 

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Meet the editor and co-author, Zachary D. Kaufman ’09, and listen to a conversation about his new book, along with contributor Jamie Hodari ’09 and Ashoka’s Global Legal Director Jonathan Ng. Social Entrepreneurship in the Age of Atrocities: Changing Our World provides reflections on social entrepreneurship from visionaries, practitioners, and theorists. The contributors to this book address the clear need for further examination of social entrepreneurship. The book aims to clarify and illustrate the concept of social entrepreneurship. In addition, the book examines challenges, obstacles, and opportunities in the field and lends new insight to the phenomenon, history, and methodologies of social entrepreneurship. The book features case studies profiling some of the most innovative and impactful social enterprises, including Americans for Informed Democracy, Asylum Access, Children of Abraham, Generation Rwanda, Indego Africa, the Kigali Public Library, the National Vision for Sierra Leone, and Orphans Against AIDS. While these organizations focus on genocide and other atrocities, their experiences yield lessons for those seeking to tackle a broad range of social, economic, legal, and political problems, such as healthcare, development, education, and literacy. Social Entrepreneurship in the Age of Atrocities will inform, instruct, and help build the community of social entrepreneurs. This unique, essential collection of first-hand accounts is an inspiring and informative addition to the evolving social entrepreneurship literature. It will be of particular interest to social entrepreneurs; students, scholars, and practitioners of business, management, public policy, social policy, and development studies; anyone with a philanthropic mindset; and all those who are invested in creating and maintaining a socially responsible, accountable world.

A light lunch will be provided.

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