Faculty Publications: Policymaking Accountability

March 12, 2012

In the recently-published Handbook on the Politics of Regulation, Professor Susan Rose-Ackerman contributed a chapter on policymaking accountability in parliamentary and presidential systems.  Her piece reviews key aspects of policymaking accountability (consultation and participation, expertise, judicial review and oversight) before moving on to a brief discussion of four models for accountability (political, expertise, partisan-balance and privatized models), used to varying degrees and combinations in established democracies. After contrasting accountability in parliamentary and presidential systems, Prof. Rose-Ackerman offers a few proposals for improving accountability in both types of systems. See her contribution, chapter 12, page 171 of the Handbook on the Politics of Regulation.

Further Reading:

Comparative Administrative Law (Susan Rose-Ackerman and Peter L. Lindseth, eds. 2010).

Regulation and Regulatory Processes (Cary Coglianese and Robert A. Kagan, eds., 2007).

Other works by Prof. Rose-Ackerman are available in the Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository.


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