International Environmental Legal Research

January 27, 2011

If you are doing work on international environmental law, the law library has a number of resources to assist you.  
As with all environmental issues, jurisdiction and sources of law are incredibly important.  While the domestic researcher needs to understand the interplay between state and federal and municipal law (including cases, statutes, and regulations at each level), the international researcher must be aware of treaties, conventions, and policy statements.  
To get a general overview of the subject matter, you might want to begin with our catalog.  Morris has over 500 titles with the subject heading ENVIRONMENTAL LAW--INTERNATIONAL so it would be helpful for you to take your search to encore, where you can use the facets on the left to narrow your search.  For example, here are the books limited to the subject heading ENVIRONMENTAL LAW--INTERNATIONAL but written only in English and published in 2011.

Encore will also populate a list of periodical articles on the same topic for you.
We have a few guides and databases available for you on the Environmental Clinic Page: but we would also like to draw your attention to the EISIL database for International Environmental Law The Electronic Information System for International Law is a project from the American Society of International Law. Primary documents such as treaties can be found under Basic Sources and by clicking More Information you can get the legal citation, descriptions, and full text of the document.  Each of the subtopics in the EISIL guide will link you to research guides and websites that can assist you in your research.  


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