Preparing for a life in law

March 14, 2014
The law library has a new exhibit dedicated to the life of a lawyer. The exhibit highlights resources in the library to help balance work and family, personal issues, advice for practicing lawyers, gender issues, and alternative careers.
The exhibit is available in the Library Reading Room on L3 and will be on display until the end of the semester.


The Balance section of the exhibit focuses on maintaining balance  in a lawyer’s life.  Topics include stress management, acquiring  lawyering skills, and even how to be a  happy lawyer or avoid  being an unhappy one.


 The Gender section of the exhibit focuses on advice for women  lawyers.

Alternative Careers:

 The traditional partner track or living in a courtroom aren’t for everyone. This exhibit  highlights resources for students who might be interested in exploring alternative  careers.


 How does one maintain a thriving law practice while also attending to the rigors of  family life? 



The Advice section of the exhibit focuses on advice targeted towards newer lawyers including specific advice on transitioning to law practice.