Rare Book Room Status UPDATED

August 24, 2012

******* UPDATE 8/24/2012 **********

The Rare Book Room is once again open for use by patrons during its normal hours, 9am -4pm Monday-Friday. We thank our patrons for their patience while we recovered from the effects of the August 10 rainstorm. Appointments are not required but are strongly recommended. Contact Mike Widener, Rare Book Librarian, at 203-432-4494 or by email to <mike.widener@yale.edu>.


Because of the aftereffects of Friday's rainstorm, the Law Library's Rare Book Room is temporarily not available for use by patrons.  If you need to use rare books, please contact Fred Shapiro (203-432-4840) or, if he is not available, Susan Karpuk (203-432-2512), to see whether arrangements can be made to facilitate your research.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

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