Remembering Morris Cohen

January 7, 2011

All of us at Yale Law Library mourn the passing of Morris Cohen who died peacefully at home on Saturday, December 18. Morris directed this library for a decade and continued his scholarly, teaching and mentoring roles here for nearly another 15 years.  We all have so many fond memories. His presence brought cheer to those around him, and he was quick to make lasting friendships.  He was a brilliant scholar librarian who was willing to share his knowledge with others, but he was never obtrusive.  He was endlessly curious, especially about other people.  His “puckish humor” brought smiles to many.  He could be a bit of a rascal, but he was filled only with kindness.  Lunch or dinner with Morris typically meant dessert, which he’d want to buy and share.  Morris remained an inspiration to the end, and it’s hard to imagine the world of law libraries without him.  Follow this link for more information or to post a tribute:


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