Tale of 3 Books

November 12, 2010

The Acquisitions & Continuing Resources Department obtains library materials from worldwide sources - from Bemidji to Beijing, from New Haven to New Delhi, from Saint Louis to Saint Petersburg. MORRIS, our on-line library system, currently tracks 996 vendors – and we are adding new business partners every year.

Book sellers, print and electronic serial subscription agents, rare book specialists, and film sources have all played a role in the growth of our collections. In a way, every item's journey to us tells a story. These days, acquisitions information is viewable in MORRIS. But long before on-line library systems, records of titles added through purchase or gift were kept through diary entries.

From January 21, 1948

Dr. Ernst Sauer, Nordrhein-Westfalen, British Zone, GERMANY sent us the two books listed below and asked that in return we send him soap and fat.  Two cans of Crisco and six bars of soap were sent him with instructions that they be given to “Care” if they could not be delivered to him.

Kipp – Mensch, recht und staat

Sauer – Grundlehre des völkerrechts

In May 1948 we were notified by Yale Station that Dr. Sauer had not been located so we authorized the Post Office in Germany to turn the box over to CARE.

On June 8, 1948 we received a postal from Dr. Sauer notifying us that he had received the package and was sending us another book since the value of the gift was greater than the value of the books he sent.

Turegg – Deutschland und das völkerrect, 1948


We do not know the name of the law library staff person who recorded the acquisition details of these three German monograph titles – but we are thankful for the historical look back.

 -- Jo-Anne Giammattei

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