Tip of the Week: How do you feel about your research skills?

February 10, 2014

How do you feel about your research skills? You may be writing an article or paper, working as an RA, doing clinical work, preparing for the summer, or working at any of the many other activities that will invoke legal research.

The law library offers a number of options that allow you to improve your skills. We have already mentioned the for-credit legal research courses that we offer and the non-credit workshops (including several “prepare to practice” sessions scheduled for April). Look for the posters and emails. We have also created short research videos that discuss individual legal research skills. The full list is on the inside site, but some of the most basic are also available here.

The videos, workshops, and classes provide you the opportunity to choose how deeply you want to dive into legal research. Some of the courses provide the opportunity to conduct research in an area of your interest while others cover skills using a pre-selected topic.

One of the most important instructional offerings that we provide is not included in these planned sessions. You can schedule a meeting with a reference librarian and we will discuss your research project, answer research questions, teach you any skills that are of interest to you within the context of your interest, or teach you which databases to use in which situations, and how to use the databases. All you need to do is contact us and we will arrange for a mutually convenient meeting time.  You can use an online form or contact a librarian directly. We do keep the meetings to an hour (any more tends to be too much for you and for us) although there is no limit to the number of meetings that you have.

Please let us know if you have any research questions!

Thank you,

Lillian Goldman Law Library


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