Tip of the Week: Portable Stand-up Desktop Models available for Check-out

February 10, 2014

Have you noticed the stand-up desktops in the Reference Room on L3?  Did you know you can check-out portable stand-up desktop models?

Last spring, in response to several requests from your class representatives on the Library Advisory Council as well as others, your Law Library installed two desktop-model stand-up desks in the L3 Reference Room for your use (see attached photo, below).  You’ll note that the height can be adjusted by moving the pegs on the inside of the lower box (similar to a bookshelf adjustment). 

Over the summer, we also purchased several light, portable models that you can check out from the Circulation Desk. 

Finally, we’ve noticed many students utilizing the dictionary stands on top of the bookcases on L3, and we encourage their use!

We would appreciate your feedback on the positives and negatives of the models we have for you, as well as your suggestions on other types of stand-up desks that you would find useful.  Where would you like them to be placed within the library?  Would you like additional dictionary stands on the L3 bookcases?

Please send your feedback to library administration at lawlib.admin@yale.edu

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