Using Borrow Direct Instead of Recalls

February 24, 2011

In an effort to improve our customer service to everyone, we will no longer be allowing library patrons to place recalls on checked out material belonging to the law library. Instead, we are encouraging our patrons to use Borrow Direct to get the material from another library.

Borrow Direct provides material within 4 business days from the time a request is placed, and now delivers directly to the Law Library circulation desk. In most instances, this will mean you get the material much more quickly than you would using a recall.

Links to Borrow Direct can be found both on our website, under the ‘About the Library’ tab, and directly from the catalog.

If the material you are looking for is not available via Borrow Direct, please contact us at the circulation desk in person or by calling 203-432-1608 and we will place a recall for you.

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