Webinar: Using Legislative History to Find Legislative Intent

April 27, 2011

This 90-minute webinar session is designed for the summer associate, judicial, law firm or government agency law clerk, intern, extern or research assistant. The schedule and links can be accessed here.  You will learn how to use ProQuest Congressional Digital Suite & Legislative Insight to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the legislative process both procedurally and as an adversarial process (i.e. who was lobbying in support of the proposal and what were they trying to accomplish, who was active in opposition what were their objections, who was responsible for amendments to the proposal)
  2. Become familiar with the documents available pertinent to your issue;
  3. Identify where in the process the changes you care about occurred – this provides a mechanism to narrow the scope of your search for explanations for why the language was changed;
  4. Learn how to identify both direct and circumstantial evidence of intent.


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