The Yale Law Library Short Story Contest

April 2, 2015

On behalf of the judges of the inaugural Yale Law Library Short Story Contest, we are delighted to announce that we have a winner. Or rather, two.

The 2015 Yale Law Library Short Story Contest was established to encourage new creative writers within the law school community. It was set up in conjunction with a major exhibit in the library reading room, Born That Way, which featured published works by current and past law school students.

The Library would like to congratulate Katie Munyan (2017) and Carter Greenbaum (2016) for making it impossible for the judges to choose between them, and forcing us to split the prize.

We were thrilled to receive 27 truly excellent entries to the competition but – in the end – it came down to Katie and Carter. Both of their stories were absolutely wonderful, powerfully written pieces. After a great deal of discussion, we agreed that The First Year by Katie Munyan and Dear Hunter by Carter Greenbaum were each of such high quality that we needed to split the prize between them. We were also able to top up the prize a little, so that they each received a $300 gift card of their choice.

Honorable mention also must be made of Rachel Dempsey, John Ehrett, and Robert Nightingale, all of whom were finalists in the last round of judging.

We have placed both winning entries, along with the three other finalists, in the law school’s online digital repository. You can read them all here:

Congratulations and thanks to all the entrants to the competition. It can unquestionably be said that the Yale Law School has an incredible number of truly talented writers, and we look forward to reading many of you in print in the future.

The judges of the competition were:

Matthew Pearl
Kate Stith
Jed Rubenfeld
Teresa Miguel-Stearns
Julian Aiken

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