Inscription of Justice O. W. Holmes Jr. to Lloyd Bowen
October 15, 2013
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s inscribed copy (to Lloyd W. Bowen) of his book Speeches (1900). The son of a flamboyant author and physician, Justice Holmes was born in...
Justice O.W. Holmes Jr., autographed copy of farewell dinner menu
October 15, 2013
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s autographed—and seemingly personal—copy of the program and menu for the Boston dinner commemorating his appointment to the Supreme Court...
Justice William O. Douglas, inscription to Olla Bennett
October 15, 2013
Justice William O. Douglas’s inscribed copy (to Ola Bennett) of his book Of Men and Mountains (1950). Justice William O. Douglas (1898-1980) was the longest-serving...
Bookplate of Chief Justice Warren Burger
October 15, 2013
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger’s copy of Judges of the United States (1978), with bookplate. Warren Earl Burger (1907-1995) was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of...
Sir Frederick Pollock, inscription to Arthur Raynard Talbot
October 15, 2013
Sir Frederick Pollock’s inscribed copy (to Arthur Maynard Talbot) of A Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms (1855) by H.H. Wilson. Frederick Pollock (1845–1937)...
Autograph of John Jay
October 11, 2013
Chief Justice John Jay’s signed copy of The Conveyancer’s Guide (1821), with inlaid bookplate. This 1821 edition of The Conveyancer’s Guide—oddly enough, an extended...
Booklabel of Justice Noah Swayne
October 11, 2013
Justice Noah Swayne’s copy of Giles Jacob’s New Law Dictionary (1782). U.S. Supreme Court Justice Noah H. Swayne (1804–1884) served on the Court from 1862 to 1881....


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