CRS Report: Islam in Africa (2008)
Islam in Africa. By Hussein D. Hassan, Information Research Specialist
CRS Report: Islam in South and Southeast Asia (2005)
Diversity of practices of Islam in Asia. By Bruce Vaughn, Analyst in Southeast and South Asian Affairs.
CRS Report: Islam: A primer (2003)
The report includes short descriptions of the historical background, the tenets of Islam, jihad, the status of women in Islam, and other aspects of Islam.
CRS Report: Islamic Finance: Overview and Policy Concerns (2010)
Basic principles and history of Islamic finance. By Shayerah Ilias, Analyst in International Trade and Finance.
CRS Report: Sunnis and Shiites (2010)
This report includes a historical background of the Sunni-Shiite split and discusses the differencesin religious beliefs and practices between and within each Islamic sect as well as their similarities. By Christopher M. Blanchard, Analyst in Middle Eastern Affairs.
UKCLE Glossary of Arabic Terms - Archived Version
UK Centre for Legal Education - Archived version of the draft glossary produced as part of the Developing an Islamic Law Curriculum project at the former UK Centre for Legal Education (UKCLE).