Anne Myers

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Head of Acquisitions - Retired October 2015 - Position to be filled
Room 012 (L2)

Anne Myers is the Librarian for Acquisitions & Continuing Resources at Yale Law Library. She is responsible for the team that buys and receives books, journals, primary sources, DVD’s, and other material from around the world after they have been selected for purchase. Before joining Yale University in 2007, she worked as Head of Technical Services at Boston University Law Library and the University of Maine Law Library. Previously, Anne was a cataloger at the University of Virginia Law Library and Spanish/Portuguese cataloger at the University of Virginia Alderman library. She received her Masters in Library Science (M.L.S.) from The University of Texas at Austin (1977) and her B.A. in Spanish from Vanderbilt University (1976).

Anne is an active member of the American Association of Law Libraries and has served on the AALL Executive Board. She was program chair for the 2011 AALL Annual Meeting, chair of the Special Interest Section Council, and member of several committees. Anne is webmaster and list manager for the Southern New England Law Library Association (SNELLA). She is also an avid genealogist.

Selected Publications:

Lament for Lost Customer Service.” 31 The CRIV Sheet (May 2009) at 3

“Leaving the Federal Depository Program: a Primer for a Successful Transition.”  14, no. 2 Trends in Law Library Management and Technology 6 (2003)

The Oprah Effect in: “Care and Maintenance of the Successful Career: How Experienced Law Librarians Make Their Work Rewarding.”  93 Law Library Journal 570 (2001)

The Black Hole in Annual Meeting Program Selection.”  24, no. 3  Technical Services Law Librarian 1 (March, 1999) and 3 AALL Spectrum 28 (May, 1999)

“Acquiring Minds Want to Know: Integrating Automated Acquisitions with Other Library Functions.”  83 Law Library Journal 479 (1991)

Selected Presentations:

Speed Dating, Hookups, and Enduring Partnerships: A Dialogue about Consortial Relationships for Collection Development & Acquisitions.
2006 ACRL New England annual meeting.  Program facilitator.

Managing Support Staff in Technical Services
2003 AALL annual meeting.  Speaker.

Sex, Power and the Workplace.
1996 AALL annual meeting.  Program coordinator.

Easing Into the Next Generation Library System: Issues in System Upgrades and Migrations.
1995 AALL annual meeting.  Program co-coordinator.

Moving Forward : Reconceptualizing Resources and Services in Recessionary Times.
1993 AALL annual meeting.  Workshop Co-director.