Reference & Instruction

Drew Adan
Faculty Services Assistant
Room 306B (L3)
Phone: 203-432-0139
Margaret Chisholm
Reference Librarian
Room 027 (L2)
Phone: 432-8153, 432-1606
(fax) 203-432-2112
Ryan Harrington
Head of Reference/Specialist in Foreign & International Law
Room 0005 (L1)
Phone: 203-432-7371
Jordan Jefferson
Reference Librarian
Room 312 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-8542
Julie Krishnaswami
Head of Instruction; Lecturer in Legal Research
Room 308 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-7934
Evelyn Ma
Reference Librarian for Foreign & International Law
Room 0004 (L1)
Phone: 203-432-7120
John Nann
Associate Librarian for Reference & Instructional Services
Room 314A (L3)
Phone: 203-432-1259
Sarah Ryan, PhD
Lecturer in Legal Research & Empirical Research Librarian
Room 307 (L3)
Phone: 203-436-9253
Michael VanderHeijden
Head of Faculty Services
Room 309 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-4367