Refugee & Asylum Resources

AILF practice advisories
Find assistance on how to proceed on many issues
Asylum Research Overview
Laws, teaching tools, and country-conditions for many different jurisdictions including the U.S.; created specifically to help those seeking asylum around the world - free registration; includes National Immigrant Justice Center's Asylum Manual (pdf) for representing affirmative and in removal proceedings asylum seekers; to access sensitive information, you will need to register (free)
Country Conditions in Gender Asylum Cases
Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, UC Hastings
Forced Migration Online
Refugee Studies Center, University of Oxford
Gender Asylum - Matter of Rodi Alvarado
UC Hasting's compilation of documents in the Matter of R.A.
Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web
LLRX research guide
Human Rights Library
Minnesota's premier and comprehensive searchable collection of human rights documents and information, including treaties and links to organizations
Legal Action Center Practice Advisories
Find assistance on how to proceed on many issues
National Immigration Forum
Reports on asylum disparities, immigration judges, and other issues
Serving the information needs of the humanitarian relief community
U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
Their World Refugee Survey has country reports (latest available is for 2008)
University of Minnesota - Asylum and Refugee Resources
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library