Mexico (KGF)

Online Guides: 

LLRX (websites); LLRX (civil code); LLRX (guide); GlobaLex; LOC

AALL FCIL-SIS Mexico Law and Legal Research Guide


Diario Oficial (gazette / laws)

Other Database(s): 

Legislación  Mexicana, 1687 - 1902 (laws)

Suprema Corte de Justicia (jurisprudence)

Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas (IIJ UNAM) (constitution in English and Spanish, laws, scholarship)

Legislación y Jurisprudencia (IIJ UNAM) (laws and cases)

Biblioteca Jurídicas Virtual (IIJ UNAM) (law reviews)

Ediciones Andrade (Yale does not subscribe)

Justia Mexico

Lexis (Legislacion, Jurisprudencia (Case Law), Doctrina y Referencia (Law Journals & Reference), Archivos (Archives), International Arbitration)

Westlaw (Legislation & Regulations, Journals, Law Reviews & Periodicals)

Latin Laws – Biblioteca Legal Latinoamericana

LC Translation of National Legislation into English

UCLA Inter-American Court of Human Rights Database