United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Includes England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) (KD - Eng & Wales; KDC - Scotland; KDE - No. Ireland)


CommonLII; CommonLII (Pitcairn Islands)

Online Guides: 

LLRX; LLRX (constitution); LLRX (primary legislation); GlobaLex; GlobaLex (micro-states); GlobaLex (Scotland); GlobaLex (Ireland); GlobaLex (Wales); LOC

Other Database(s): 

Justis (laws, cases up to 1875&statutory documents - Yale network only)

Lawtel (laws, cases - Yale network only)

UK Parliament (publications)

British and Irish Legal Institute (public legal information)

Northern Ireland Case Database

Scottish Courts (case law database)

Lexis (Treaties & International Agreements, Case Law, Legislation & Regulations, Journals, Law Lists & Directories, Legal Updates, Lexis-Nexis Practice Materials, Commentaries & Treatises, International Arbitration, Mealey Publications

Westlaw (Case Law, Legislation, Statutes, All Reports, Law in Force, Legal & Regulatory Developments Index - LRDI)