Aggregate E-Resource - Duxiu 读秀

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Duxiu 读秀, also known as Chinese Google Scholar, is a huge content-based database consisting of 800,000,000 full text pages, with very flexible searches (full-text, books, journal and newspaper articles, theses, conference proceedings, etc.). Particularly, it provides information about and, in many cases, full-text searching and/or limited previews (up to about 20 pages) of 2,600,000 Chinese books. You can then use the “图书馆文献传递” function to email to yourself 50 pages or 1/5th of the book (whichever is less) at a time. Duxiu is a useful reference tool for discovering bibliographic information; locating particular search terms within a text; and for getting a preview of a text. Results vary by the text. IE recommended.
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