American Legal History

American Legal History: Cases and Materials

Excerpts of cases and other primary sources on American Legal History.
(Kermit Hall, Paul Finkelman, and James W. Ely, Jr. eds.)

Historical Introduction to Anglo-American Law in a Nutshell.

This book is an introduction to Anglo-American legal history. It has chapters on: courts, the jury, the bench and bar, customs and cases, legislation and codification, doctrinal writings (e.g., Littleton, Kent and Story), real property, torts, contracts, law and commerce, negotiable instruments, and business organizations.
Frederick G. Kempin, Jr.

Law and Jurisprudence in American History : Cases and Materials

This was the first casebook devoted to American legal and constitutional history. It covers how law fit into politics and society in American history
(Stephen B. Presser & Jamil S. Zainaldin eds)

March of Liberty: A Constitutional History of the United States

Provides an overview of the development of American constitutional law and its relationship with to politics, economics and social history. Volume 1 covers the founding of the country to 1890 while volume 2 covers1877 to the present.
Melvin I. Urofsky & Paul Finkelman.

The Anglo-American Legal Heritage: Introductory Materials

This book covers the historical development of modern Anglo-American law.  It explores the influence of Roman Law, the Anglo-Saxon period, the Norman Conquest, and English feudalism, and then the development of the English legal system up to the nineteenth century.
Daniel R. Coquillette

The Cambridge History of Law in America.

This 3-volume set is a collection of essays on American Legal History topics written by leading scholars. Each volume focuses on issues within a particular time-period. Volume I covers colonization of the American continent to the creation and stabilization of the republic (1580-1815). Volume II covers the creation of the country to the end of the first World War (1789-1920) and Volume III covers "The American Century" (1920- present).
( Michael Grossberg & Christopher Tomlins eds.).

The Magic Mirror: Law in American History.

Discusses how law has influenced American social, political, and cultural events from early English settlements to 2007.
Kermit Hall & Peter Karsten.