Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell

Reviews general principles and policy considerations of federal, state, and local agency procedures. Chapters include discussion of authority delegation, political controls over agencies, scope of judicial review, acquiring and disclosing information, and informal administrative processes.
Ernest Gellhorn & Robert M. Levin

Administrative Law Treatise

Three-volume annually updated administrative law treatise provides analysis of the latest administrative law developments and trends.
Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy

Examines the role of administrative agencies in democracies and how the law attempts to keep daily practices of government agencies accountable. Includes discussions of agency discretion, the requirement of fairness, agency rulemaking, investigations and information collection, and accountability through reviewability, accessibility, and liability.
Daniel Hall

Admiralty and Maritime Law

This is a three volume ready reference to the special procedures, rules, jurisdiction questions and remedies of American admiralty and maritime law. Updated annually with pocket parts.
Thomas J. Schoenbaum

Admiralty in a Nutshell

This nutshell offers a concise overview of admiralty law.
Frank Maraist &Thomas C. Galligan, Jr

ADR and the Law

The American Arbitration describes this treatise as its flagship publication. It is published annually, and each edition presents a review of the domestic and international ADR case law and legislation deemed to be the most influential each year, along with expert commentary. Its contents include court decisions, highlights of pending legislation, and new ADR rules and procedures.
American Arbitration Association

Advanced Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell

This book provides an overview of the basic chronology of a typical criminal case, with chapters covering topics such as the decision to prosecute, pretrial detention, preliminary hearing, the grand jury, discovery, location, double jeopardy, the trial, and appeals. A table of cases and a table of rules and statutes are included in this study guide.
Mark E. Cammack & Norman M. Garland

Advising Small Businesses

This multi-volume treatise is specifically written for practitioners who represent small business and claims to be a pragmatic guide to the organization, operation, and termination of small businesses. The library does not update the print edition of this treatise; however, updates can be found on Westlaw.
Steven C. Alberty

Advising the Elderly or Disabled Client: Legal, Health Care, Financial, and Estate Planning

Written with the practitioner in mind, this serves as a reference manual on representing the elderly and covers Medicare, Medicaid, alternative housing, private pension plans and more. Updated online only.
Lawrence A. Frolik & Melissa C. Brown

Agency, Partnership, and the LLC in a Nutshell

A basic overview of the major topics associated with agency and partnership law is provided in this nutshell. It touches on the agency relationship, internal versus external matters and the law of unincorporated business enterprises. The Appendices include the Uniform Partnership Acts of 1914 and 1997, as well as the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
J. Dennis Hynes and Mark J. Loewenstein

Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs : Examples and Explanations

This treatise is a thorough, student-friendly review of the applications of agency and partnership law. The agency chapters include important points from Drafts of the Restatement (3d) of Agency. The partnership chapters give roughly equal coverage to the original Uniform Partnership Act (UPA) and the Revised Uniform Partnership (UPA) and the Revised Uniform Partnership Act (RUPA) and more detail is included on Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).
Daniel S. Kleinberger

All About Cable and Broadband.

Loose-leaf for updating. Surveys federal and state laws, court decisions, and FCC regulations affecting cable television systems, cable networks, and cable's competitors, such as DBS. Includes coverage of issues such as cable Internet services; content regulation; horizontal and vertical ownership; franchise transfers; pole attachments for information services; rate regulation; broadcast signal carriage; effective competition; subscriber privacy rights; and theft of service.
James C. Goodale ; updated by Rob Frieden.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

This treatise reviews the law and concepts central to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including adjudication, arbitration, negotiation, mediation, settlement agreements, and other related processes.
Stephen J. Ware
Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell 2013

Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell

Part of the nutshell series, this treatise provides an overview of alternative dispute resolution options, including coverage of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and hybrid dispute resolution procedures.
Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley

American Constitutional Law.

Legal treatise providing analysis of constitutional law and policy. Provides references to law review articles, the U.S. Code, and Supreme Court cases. Coverage includes: separation and division of powers; federal judicial, executive and legislative power; congressional authority and the implications of state sovereignty; union-preserving aspects of federalism.
Laurence H. Tribe

American Indian Law

A casebook which surveys the broad issues in the field of Native American law, as well as locates federal Indian law in a wider historical and international context. Chapter 9 examines the internal law of other nations such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and international law in general. In addition to a Table of Cases, this work includes a first revised text of the Draft Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Robert N. Clinton, Nell Jessup Newton & Monroe E. Price

American Indian Law in a Nutshell

This study aid provides a useful historical overview of federal Indian law and policy. There is extensive coverage of criminal and civil jurisdiction in Indian territory. Taxation and regulation, Indian gaming, and rights related to water, hunting and fishing are also outlined.
William C. Canby, Jr

American Land Planning Law

This multi-volume treatise covers public regulation of land use. The most recent edition also gives increased coverage to the increasing importance of the federal government, particularly the federal judiciary in the field. The print version is updated periodically with cumulative pocket parts.
Norman Williams Jr. & John Taylor

American Land Planning Law

This multi-volume treatise covers public regulation of land use. The most recent edition also gives increased coverage to the increasing importance of the federal government, particularly the federal judiciary in the field. The print version is updated periodically with cumulative pocket parts.
Norman Williams Jr. & John Taylor

American Law and the American Legal System in a Nutshell

Written primarily for foreign lawyers and Americans new to the study of law, this is a basic introduction to American Law, the sources of law, the American Constitutional System and the Judiciary. Also included is a very basic overview of contract law, tort law, property law and criminal law and procedure. 
Lloyd Bonfield