Legal Ethics in a Nutshell

This nutshell briefly discusses each ABA ethics rule and offers guidance to those looking for a quick introduction to the laws governing lawyers.
Ronald D. Rotunda

Legal Feminism: Activism, Lawyering and Legal Theory

This book places the feminist jurisprudence movement within the larger context of Western law and philosophy, first identifying the common problem areas of legal theory and decision-making, and then explaining how feminist jurisprudence can analyze and address these issues in new ways. It draws on legal disputes to show how feminist theory works in the courtroom and in other real-life arenas.
Ann Scales

Legal Malpractice

This treatise focuses on "prevention, insurance, and malpractice issues encountered by practitioners in every area of the law, including personal injury, real estate, collection and bankruptcy, family law, trust and estates, commercial law, and criminal law."
Ronald E. Mallen & Jeffrey M. Smith

Legal Negotiation in a Nutshell

This guide follows the entire legal negotiation process from opening negotiations through final settlement. It covers the basic types of legal negotiations, case evaluation and preparation, the stages of legal negotiation, and negotiation styles and strategies. In addition, it spends some time discussing the types of legal disputes that should not be negotiated.
Larry L. Teply

Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing

The process of legal writing and analysis is presented in this book, which includes writing guidelines for office memoranda, client advice letters, and demand letters. There's even a section on how to write an exam answer. Sample memos, letters and briefs are in the appendices.
Richard K. Neumann, Jr.

Legal Research in a Nutshell

Introductory overview of the research process and the essential sources of American law, including primary and secondary material. The author presents both print and electronic sources. Appendixes include sources for state appellate court cases, state resarch guides and topical looseleaf and electronic services. 
Morris L. Cohen and Kent C. Olson

Legal Research Manual

Instead of focusing on the sources of the law, this book provides a concise guide to the process of legal research: finding the law, reading the law and updating the law. Wren & Wren do provide a lengthy discussion of researching legislative history in one of their appendices. 
Christopher G. Wren & Jill Robinson Wren

Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law

The legal research process and primary and secondary sources are outlined as usual. Hypothetical research problem is provided in last chapter.
Stephen Elias & Susan Levinkind

Legal Rights of Children

This multi-volume looseleaf treatise explains issues important to children: child custody, discrimination against children and adolescents, child pornography, school district issues, rights of handicapped children, parental torts, and children as witnesses. A table of laws and rules, as well as a table of cases is included. It is updated annually by pocket parts. 
Donald T. Kramer

Legal traditions of the world: sustainable diversity in law. 4th ed

The unique and valuable contribution of this now-standard work is its coverage of religious systems in depth, and its explorations of indigenous and non-Western systems.
H. Patrick Glenn.

Legal Writing in a Nutshell

This guide provides a condensed handbook for legal writers. A useful glossary of words commonly misused in legal writing is included in Chapter 5. The remainder of the book focuses on grammar, punctuation, client letters, persuasive writing and argumentative memoranda.
Lynn Bahrych

Legal Writing: Process, Analysis & Organization

This coursebook outlines the process of legal writing and provides tip for the organization of the process. The focus is on using a rule to formulate the process.
Linda Holdeman Edwards

Legislation and Statutory Interpretation,

This treatise is an in-depth discussion of such topics as theories of legislation and representation, electoral and legislative structures, extrinsic sources for statutory interpretation, and substantive canons of statutory interpretation.
William N. Eskridge, Jr., Philip P. Frickey, Elizabeth Garrett

Legislative Law and Process in a Nutshell

This study aid outlines the legislative process, from the drafting to the refining. The life of legislative law after enactment is also examined, including how agencies, local governments and businesses use statutes and how citizens, lawyers and courts adjust legislative words to fit life's realities.
Jack Davies

Liberty and Union : A Constitutional History of the United States

This narrative two-volume treatise covers American constitutional history from its English and colonial origins up to the early 21st century, concluding with the 2013 Supreme Court Term. It includes a glossary of legal terms, further reading recommendations, illustrations, and tables of cases, as well as appendices containing the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the United States of America, and a chronological list of Supreme Court justices. A companion website provides extensive documentary sources to supplement those included in the volumes themselves.
Edgar J. McManus and Tara Helfman

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing, and the Arts, 3d

"This treatise, updated three times yearly, provides coverage of entertainment law, mass communications, and the arts. Includes state-of-the-art forms and detailed guidance for drafting agreements. "
Alexander Lindey and Michael Landau

Local Government Law

John C. Martinez, Dallas Sands and Michael E. Libonati

Local Government Law in a Nutshell

This study aid offers a general introduction to the sources and types of power exercised by municipalities, and challenges to that power. In addition, the authors have included substantial sections on police power, regulation of private land use, acquisition and use of property by municipalities, and revenue sources.  There is no supplementation in between editions.
David J. McCarthy, Jr. & Laurie Reynolds

Macey on Corporation Law

This treatise examines the Model Business Corporation Act, the Delaware General Corporation Act and the ALI's Principles of Corporate Governance. All statutory text sections are followed by an area of analysis, comment and statutory comparison, as well as selected references and cases. Updated by supplementary pages at least annually.
Jonathan R. Macey

Main Currents in American Legal Thought

This treatise is written for lawyers interested in a basic history of American jurisprudence. It provides an introduction to sociological jurisprudence, legal realism, law and economics, and feminist jurisprudence. 
Bernard Schwartz