Rights of Juveniles: The Juvenile Justice System

This treatise provides an in-depth examination of the intricate procedures of the juvenile justice process, discussing current practices and their constitutionality. It surveys state and federal cases, analyzes statutory and decisional law, as well as recent developments. A 50-state survey of juvenile laws is featured. Updated regularly. 
Samuel Davis
Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law 2012

Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law

This collection of essays discusses the background, implementation, key issues, and framework of international environmental law. Also includes sections on major regional environmental regimes, and related areas such as trade, indigenous rights, disasters, and armed conflict.
Shawkat Alam et al.

Sales and Leases of Goods in a Nutshell

This is a primer on the law of sales and leases under Articles 2 and 2A of the UCC. It focuses on related subjects governed by Articles 5 and 7 of the UCC (letters of credit and documents of title) and introduces the formation of the contract. It also examines the statute of frauds, parol evidence, and modification.
Frederick H. Miller

Scholarly Writing for Law Students: Seminar Papers, Law Review Notes, and Law Review Competition Papers

This text is a thorough guide to the process of legal writing and includes exercises to develop writing with care. 
Elizabeth Fajans & Mary R. Falk

School Law and the Public Schools: a Practical Guide for Educational Leaders

This text outlines legal issues that affect the organization and administration of schools in the US. It addresses such issues as religion, teacher freedom, discrimination, desegregation, school finance, No Child Left Behind, bullying, the Pledge of Allegiance, the PATRIOT Act, intelligent design, charter schools, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Nathan L. Essex

Scott and Ascher on Trusts

This multi-volume treatise is the preeminent set for researching the law of trusts. Some of the topics covered include the powers and liabilities of the trustee, third person liabilities, remedies of the beneficiary, ERISA and corporate fiduciaries. Updated with supplements.
Austin W. Scott, et. al.

Search and Seizure

Written by a practitioner for practicing attorneys, this two-volume treatise offers insight into such issues as the expectation of privacy, probable cause, the exclusionary rule, vehicle searches, and many other pertinent topics.
John Wesley Hall

Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment

This six volume treatise provides extensive analysis of the fourth amendment by the leading scholar on this issue. LaFave interprets the Fourth Amendment in numerous factual situations, including the exclusionary rule, probable cause, search warrants, consent searches, as well as stop and frisk and lesser intrusions.
Wayne R. LaFave

Securities and Federal Corporate Law

This multi-volume treatise discusses the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, PCAOB, Corporate Governance, public offering process, Rule 144A and private placements, registration and reporting under the Exchange Act, proxy regulation, tender offers, the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, statute of limitations, small business disclosure, EDGAR, multi-jurisdictional disclosure, the Blue Sky law, and international capital markets.
Harold S. Bloomenthal & Samuel Wolff
Securities Law (Concepts & Insights)

Securities Law (Concepts & Insights)

This study aid covers the basics of securities law, including how securities are registered, regulation of securities, and penalities for violations of federal securities law. It also addresses international aspects of securities law.
Larry D. Soderquist, Theresa A. Gabaldon

Securities Regulation

The 4th edition of this multi-volume set provides comprehensive coverage including the Legislative History of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Updated with pocket parts and eventually new volumes.
Louis Loss, Joel Seligman & Troy Paredes

Securities Regulation in a Nutshell

This nutshell introduces the regulation of securities. Topics covered include the regulation of public offerings, publicly-held companies, securities business, and investment companies, as well as sanctions for violations, civil liabilities, extraterritorial application and state regulation.
Thomas Lee Hazen

Sexual Orientation and Legal Rights

This two-volume treatise covers the legal issues of lesbians and gay men, integrating the areas of family law, employment law, and civil rights law. Topics covered include constitutional issues, employment discrimination, same sex harassment, tort and contract claims, same sex marriages, dissolution of relationships, child custody issues and housing and property rights. Both federal and state statutory and common law are covered, as well as a separate state-by-state analysis of gay-related statutes and case law. Illustrative agreements, pleadings, and documents for family and employment law issues are included.
Alba Conte

Sexual Orientation and the Law.

This two volume treatise covers of the full range of legal issues facing lesbian and gay clients, offering discussion of the relevant laws and legal theories. Topics covered include: family law and raising children; Co-habitation and same-sex marriage; federal taxes; death, incapacity, and illness; employment; state initiatives; military and veterans; immigration; representing transexual clients; consumer goods, services, and accommodations; First Amendment; juveniles; criminal defense; criminal justice; representing clients with AIDS; HIV testing; employment and AIDS; and insurance and AIDS. Sample agreements and forms are included. Updated twice a year online and in print.

Smit & Herzog on the Law of the European Union

This online resource provides the full English-language texts of the EU’s two foundational treaties, along with scholarly commentary and summaries of relevant case law interpreting the treaties.
Peter E. Herzog
Soderquist on the Securities Laws

Soderquist on the Securities Laws

A practical overview of the Securities Laws published by the Practicing Law Institute. It covers the Securities and Securities Exchange Acts, as well as federal regulations and significant case law.
Gary M. Brown
Other Service:

Special Education Law

Provides an overview of the major federal statutes - and their judicial interpretations - that apply to the education of children with disabilities.
Laura Rothstein & Scott F. Johnson.

Specialized Legal Research

Hazelton identifies unique sources for legal research in specialized areas of law, such as environmental law, military law, banking law, tax and other specialities.
Penny Hazelton

Sports Law in a Nutshell

This study aid simplifies the complex world of sports law and provides an overview of all its intricacies from contracts, torts, antitrust, liabilities, constitutional implications, labor law, and taxes.
Walter T. Champion, Jr.

State Antitrust Practice and Statutes.

 "This three-volume treatise concisely sets forth the substantive civil and criminal antitrust case law, procedure, practice, and statutes for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands."
Harvey I. Saferstein