The Legislative Process

This treatise focuses on the interpretation of statutes, the legislative process, the enactment of statutes, the anatomy of a statute and finally the publication of a statute. Citations are provided to case law and statutory authorities.
Abner J. Mikva, Eric Lane

The Magic Mirror: Law in American History.

This acclaimed narrative history examines how law has influenced American social, political, economic, and cultural events, as well as how those events inevitably influenced the law itself, from the earliest English settlements to 2007.
Kermit Hall & Peter Karsten.

The New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence

This modern day compilation includes five distinct volumes which comprehensively cover the evidentiary issues in litigation. Volumes include Expert Evidence, Evidentiary Privileges, Evidence of Other Misconduct and Selected Rules of Limited Admissibility. Each volume includes a table of authorities, table of cases and table of statutes. Cumulative supplements are published annually.
The Oxford guide to treaties 2012

The Oxford Guide to Treaties

This guide sheds light on the rules and practices surrounding the making, interpretation, and operation of treaties and offers practical insights into how treaties actually work. Scholarly treatments are complimented by a set of model treaty clauses. Examples illustrate the approaches treaty-makers can take on topics such as entry into force, languages, reservations, and amendments.
Duncan B. Hollis (ed.)
Oxford handbook of international human rights law 2013

The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law

These essays discusses major points such as foundation and background, structural principles, evolution, and other aspects of human rights law. Also includes a useful section on assessing human rights law.
Dinah Shelton, editor

The Regulation of Public Utilities

Comprehensive treatise of the industry which provides a review and analysis of the development of economic regulation, emphasizing recent and future issues confronting the public utility sector. Not updated, but new edition is in the works.
Charles F. Phillips, Jr.

The Theory and Practice of Statutory Interpretation

This book provides insights into the theory and practice of statutory interpretation by courts. By relying on empirical evidence from the Rehnquist Supreme Court, this treatise analyzes the disputes over various approaches to statutory interpretation.
Frank B. Cross
The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties 2011

The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary

An excellent resources for understanding both the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Between States and the 1986 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Between States and International Organizations or Between International Organizations. This two-volume set includes the full text of each treaty, article-by-article commentary and interpretation, as well as the travaux preparatoires (preparatory works).
Olivier Corten & Pierre Klein eds

Thompson on Real Property

This multi-volume treatise discusses in depth numerous issues in real property. It includes a table of cases by jurisdiction, table of statutes and index. It also provides a large section on the historic origins of modern American property law. It includes pocket parts and also offers periodic cumulative supplements (through 2004).
David A. Thomas

Tort Law Desk Reference : A Fifty-State Compendium

This book provides a succinct survey of tort laws of all fifty states and the District of Columbia. For each state, topics covered include statutes of limitations, tort reform, no fault limitations, standard for negligence, causation, comparative negligence, res ipsa loquitur, negligence per se, several liability, indemnity, and more. Published annually.
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Torts in a Nutshell

This concise text covers the basic principles of tort law and includes citations to primary and secondary authority. The main topics covered include physical harm, tort and contract, immunities, survival and wrongful death ,and injuries to other interests. Topics such as Products Liability and Medical Liability are covered in additional nutshell volumes.
Edward J. Kionka

Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure.

Multi-volume legal treatise providing up-to-date analysis of every area of federal constitutional law. Focus is primarily on the Supreme Court. Coverage includes: origins of judicial review; sources of national authority; federal fiscal powers; procedural due process; and equal protection. A detailed index to the Constitution is included in the appendices. Updated annually with pocket parts.
Ronald D. Rotunda & John E. Nowak

Treatise on Environmental Law

This preeminent, multi-volume treatise has been cited in many environmental law cases. It provides analysis of statutes, regulations and agency and court decisions.
Frank P. Grad

Treatise on Health Care Law

This is a multi-volume definitive treatise that covers the entire spectrum of legal issues affecting health care law practice, serving as a primary reference work and authority. Topics covered include corporate and administrative issues, health care payment systems and HIPAA, relationship of individuals to health care organizations, patients' rights and mental health law. State-by-state charts are included. Updated regularly online. 
Michael G. Macdonald, et al. (eds)

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Truth in Lending

This ABA publication provides an indepth look at the Truth in Lending Act looking an consumer credit issues, such as annual percentage rates, billing errors and credit advertisement. A Table of Cases points researchers to the top case law in this area.
Ralph Rohner & Fred Miller
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Understanding Administrative Law

Covers such issues as external controls on administrative agencies, the exercise of agency power, agency decision-making, informal agency action and judicial review of agency actions, judicial review and private actions against the government and government officials.
William F. Fox, Jr.

Understanding Antitrust & Its Economic Implications

Understanding Antitrust & Its Economic Implications

As its title suggests, this treatise focuses on the economic implications of antitrust law. In addition to chapters that provide introductory information on antitrust policy and economics, the authors explain the legal doctrines and economic theories relating to major antitrust issues such as monopolization and vertical restraints. Includes a table of cases and selected statutes.
E. Thomas Sullivan & Jeffrey L. Harrison

Understanding Bankruptcy.

This is a basic student text covering the Bankruptcy code and related federal laws. Topics covered include creditor's collection rights, the automatic stay, executory contracts, discharge and liquidation under Chapter 7. Covers the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.
Jeffrey Ferriell & Edward J. Janger

Understanding Civil Procedure

This study aid on the subject of civil procedure is arranged topically. It includes pre-eminent case law citations for most of the major issues in federal civil procedure. The book also provides a table of statutes and rules to allow the reader to find explanation for jurisdiction specific rules. The 2002 edition is the third published edition of the book.
Gene R. Shreve & Peter Raven-Hansen

Understanding Copyright Law

A comprehenvise study aid on copyright, which examines, among other issues, factual works, works made for hire, parody of fair use and software protection. Part 111 is a comparative analysis of copyright, patent and trademark law. A fairly comprehensive overview of international copyright is also provided in Chapter 12. Includes tables of cases and statutes. 
Marshall A. Leaffer