Treatise on Health Care Law

This is a multi-volume definitive treatise that covers the entire spectrum of legal issues affecting health care law practice, serving as a primary reference work and authority. Topics covered include corporate and administrative issues, health care payment systems and HIPAA, relationship of individuals to health care organizations, patients' rights and mental health law. State-by-state charts are included. Updated regularly online. 
Michael G. Macdonald, et al. (eds)

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Truth in Lending

This ABA publication provides an indepth look at the Truth in Lending Act looking an consumer credit issues, such as annual percentage rates, billing errors and credit advertisement. A Table of Cases points researchers to the top case law in this area.
Ralph Rohner & Fred Miller
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Understanding Administrative Law

Covers such issues as external controls on administrative agencies, the exercise of agency power, agency decision-making, informal agency action and judicial review of agency actions, judicial review and private actions against the government and government officials.
William F. Fox, Jr.

Understanding Antitrust & Its Economic Implications

Understanding Antitrust & Its Economic Implications

As its title suggests, this treatise focuses on the economic implications of antitrust law. In addition to chapters that provide introductory information on antitrust policy and economics, the authors explain the legal doctrines and economic theories relating to major antitrust issues such as monopolization and vertical restraints. Includes a table of cases and selected statutes.
E. Thomas Sullivan & Jeffrey L. Harrison

Understanding Bankruptcy.

This is a basic student text covering the Bankruptcy code and related federal laws. Topics covered include creditor's collection rights, the automatic stay, executory contracts, discharge and liquidation under Chapter 7. Covers the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.
Jeffrey Ferriell & Edward J. Janger

Understanding Civil Procedure

This study aid on the subject of civil procedure is arranged topically. It includes pre-eminent case law citations for most of the major issues in federal civil procedure. The book also provides a table of statutes and rules to allow the reader to find explanation for jurisdiction specific rules. The 2002 edition is the third published edition of the book.
Gene R. Shreve & Peter Raven-Hansen

Understanding Copyright Law

A comprehenvise study aid on copyright, which examines, among other issues, factual works, works made for hire, parody of fair use and software protection. Part 111 is a comparative analysis of copyright, patent and trademark law. A fairly comprehensive overview of international copyright is also provided in Chapter 12. Includes tables of cases and statutes. 
Marshall A. Leaffer

Understanding Corporate Law

Written for students, this treatise presents a clear understanding of the basic concepts of corporate law. Everything from formation to financing, corporate governance, fiduciary duty and controlling shareholders are discussed.
Arthur R. Pinto, Douglas M. Branson

Understanding Criminal Law

This is an easy-to-understand look at the principles, sources and limitations of criminal law. The concepts of "actus reus" and "mens rea" are explained. Other topics discussed include causation, self-defense, defense of property, duress, and insanity. 
Joshua Dressler

Understanding Criminal Procedure

This two-volume set breaks down criminal procedure into two distinct topics: investigation and adjudication. Volume I: Investigation focuses on the Fourth Amendment, arrests, searches and interrogations. Volume II: Adjudication covers the criminal process after the police investigation ends and covers right to counsel, pretrial release and detention, discovery, right to trial by jury, etc. Includes an index and tables of criminal rules, evidence rules, statutes and cases.
Joshua Dressler and Alan C. Michaels

Understanding Disability Law

Understanding Disability Law

This single volume covers the major statutes and constitutional provisions related to disability discrimination in employment, education, public accommodations, housing and more. It analyzes the 14th Amendment, ADA, Rehabilitation Act, IDEA, and the Fair Housing Act.
Mark C. Weber

Understanding Employment Discrimination

Designed to clarify the complexity of laws surrounding employment discrimination, this study guide examines the recent case law on the topic.
Thomas R. Haggard

Understanding Employment Law

This study aid addresses common-law employment doctrines such as employment-at-will, employment contracts, employment torts, workplace privacy issues, and restrictive covenants, as well as federal and state statutory regulation of the workplace, covering topics such as compensation, employee benefits, and workplace safety legislation.
Jeffrey Hirsch

Understanding Employment Law

A study aid focused on common-law employment issues such as employment-at-will, employment contracts, employment torts, workplace privacy issues, and restrictive covenants. It also covers federal and state statutory workplace regulation, including topics like compensation, employee benefits, and workplace safety legislation.
Jeffrey Hirsch

Understanding environmental law

Understanding Environmental Law

This treatise gives an overview of land use law in the U.S., focusing largely on federal environmental law, but also includes some coverage of state law as well.
Philip Weinberg, Kevin A. Reilly

Understanding Environmental Law

This treatise provides a comprehensive overview of environmental and land use law in the United States. While its major focus is the federal framework of U.S. environmental law, many chapters include coverage of state-specific laws as well.
Philip Weinberg

Understanding EU Law

An accessible, student-friendly resource that incorporates numerous learning aids, including end-of-chapter summaries and questions for self-testing, diagrams and flowcharts, a glossary of terms, and tips on how to approach exam questions.
Karen Davies

Understanding Family Law

This study aid offers students an overview of basic topics and issues in family law. Arranged in outline format, this title provides chapters on the following subjects: marriage and marriage alternatives, property and support rights during marriage, marital contracts and agreements, procreation, adoption, divorce grounds and defenses, spousal and child support on divorce, equitable distribution of property, and child custody and visitation.
John DeWitt Gregory et al.

Understanding Federal Courts and Jurisdiction

This study aid on the subject of federal courts offers explanations on the structure of the federal court system as well as explanations on process and procedure in federal courts. The book also provides a table of statutes and table of cases for easy reference to associated explanations. This title was published in 1998.
Linda S. Mullenix et al.

Understanding Federal Income Taxation 2013 4th

Understanding Federal Income Taxation

This study aid is designed to supplement a traditional casebook and course in federal individual income taxation. Each chapter contains the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code relevant to that particular chapter's topic. Chapters also include summaries of leading cases and relevant administrative rulings. Fourth edition published 2013.
J. Martin Burke & Michael K. Friel