Elements of American Jurisprudence

This turn of the century classic addresses topics such as the status of the married woman, insane persons, and aliens and the nature of corporations. Other topics covered include the jurisdiction of law, the interpretation of law and the application of law.
William C. Robinson

Elements of Legal Writing

This book focuses on 10 principles of legal writing: clear writing, diction, tone, grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, paragraph construction, organization & format. Each principle is then broken into easy to understand rules for legal writing.
Martha Faulk & Irving M. Mehler
Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law 2012

Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law. 2nd ed.

This is a concise encyclopedia with a variety of entries written by noted scholars from the areas of specialization (such as administrative or criminal law). This monograph is easy to use and discusses both substantive topics within comparative law as well as the methodologies of comparative law.
J.M. Smits, ed.

Employment Discrimination

This authoritative treatise is regularly cited by courts throughout the nation.  It includes an in-depth analysis of relevant cases, statutes and regulations.
Lex K. Larson

Employment discrimination - Examples and Explanations

A study guide concerned solely with Employment Discrimination issues, it combines explanatory text with hypothetical problems and answers.
Joel William Friedman

Employment Discrimination - Examples and Explanations

This study guide focuses on Employment Discrimination issues using explanatory text with hypothetical problems and answers.
Joel William Friedman

Employment Discrimination Law

A leading treatise on labor and employment issues surrounding discrimination in the workplace.
Barbara Lindemann

Employment Discrimination Law

This is a leading treatise on labor and employment issues related to workplace discrimination.
Barbara Lindemann

Employment Discrimination Law and Practice

This hornbook surveys the claims, defenses, procedures and remedies relevant to contemporary federal law of employment discrimination.
Harold Lewis and Elizabeth Norman

Employment Discrimination Law and Practice

This hornbook examines current federal employment discrimination law, including claims, defenses, procedures, and remedies.
Harold Lewis and Elizabeth Norman

Employment Law

This two volume treatise is comprehensive in coverage. It is organized chronologically through the employment relationship, from formation, through terms and conditions of employment, to termination.
Mark A. Rothstein

Employment Law in a Nutshell

This study aid provides an overview of individual employee rights, by focusing on the problem areas, such as physical safety, privacy and reputation, discrimination, individual rights protections in collective action statutes, termination of employment, pensions, restrictive covenants, trade secrets, and a short chapter on remedies.
Robert Covington & Kurt Decker

Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence

This treatise allows English speakers to compare the positions of the major schools of Islamic Law on a number of personal, economic and social issues. Some issues covered include ritual purity, prayer, fasting and pilgrimage, as well as marriage, inheritance and legal disability.
Muhammad Razi
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Energy Law and Transactions

This treatise describes both traditional energy forms such as gas, electricity, oil and coal, and newer ones such as biomass and cogeneration. The basic principles of energy law including establishing rates and tariffs, and the law of public utilities are summarized. Other chapters focus on antitrust, conservation and transportation of energy. Practice and procedure and international chapters round out the subject area. Glossaries, charts, tables, model forms, and other aids are included in the Energy Handbook chapters.
David J. Muchow and William A. Mogel

Energy Law in a Nutshell

The authors of this basic overview of energy law have two goals. "This book serves as a primer for the fundamental legal rules and institutions in the field of energy law." It also serves as an "example of applied administrative law."
Joseph P. Tomain & Richard D. Cudahy

English Common Law in the Age of Mansfield

This treatise presents the fundamentals of the English common law during the 18th century, a foundational era for the development of present-day Anglo-American law. It includes historical and analytical essays, and a detailed description of the operational features of the common law courts. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the law. While considerable scholarship has been devoted to the eighteenth-century English criminal trial, little attention has been given to the civil side. This book helps to fill that gap, providing an understanding of the principal body of substantive law with which America's founding fathers would have been familiar. It is an invaluable reference for practicing lawyers, scholars, and students of Anglo-American legal history.
Jame Oldham
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Entertainment Law : Legal Concepts and Business Practices

This looseleaf treatise covers the entire spectrum of entertainment law issues, from investment issues to distribution issues to privacy and defamation. Glossary and sample forms and checklists are included. Updated regularly.
Thomas D. Selz et. al.

Entertainment Law in a Nutshell

This nutshell provides an overview of the complexities of the entertainment industry. Topics covered include intellectual property, publicity, contracts, estate planning and First Amendment issues unique to the field. 
Sherri L. Burr

Environment and Statecraft: The Strategy of Environmental Treaty-Making

This broad analysis, of both well known and lesser known environmental treaties, provides insight into what international environmental treaties try to accomplish and why they succeed or fail.
Scott Barrett

Environmental Law

This well-respected multi-volume treatise covers the following subjects in-depth: Air and Water; Pesticides and Toxic Substances; and Hazardous Wastes and Substances.
William H. Rodgers