Legal Research

Fundamentals of Legal Research

After discussing the legal research process, this classic book details court reports, the national reporter system, federal legislation and secondary sources in depth. There are also chapters on international legal research, legal research in the United Kingdom, and federal tax research. 
Steven M. Barkan, Roy M. Mersky, & Donald J. Dunn

Legal Research in a Nutshell

Introductory overview of the research process and the essential sources of American law, including primary and secondary material. The author presents both print and electronic sources. Appendixes include sources for state appellate court cases, state resarch guides and topical looseleaf and electronic services. 
Morris L. Cohen and Kent C. Olson

Legal Research Manual

Instead of focusing on the sources of the law, this book provides a concise guide to the process of legal research: finding the law, reading the law and updating the law. Wren & Wren do provide a lengthy discussion of researching legislative history in one of their appendices. 
Christopher G. Wren & Jill Robinson Wren

Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law

The legal research process and primary and secondary sources are outlined as usual, but what makes this book unique is it's final chapter which discusses the use of "Google" for legal research.
Stephen Elias & Susan Levinkind

Principles of Legal Research

This is the successor to the classic legal research text How to Find the Law. It covers the traditional American legal research subjects (researching law created by each branch of government) as well as International Law and the law of foreign countries. An appendix lists the leading treatises by subject. 
Kent Olson

Process of Legal Research

This complete introduction to the process of legal research introduces students to sources and vocabulary, including how the sources work and their scope of coverage. Books and electronic material are covered side-by-side. Practice sets at the end of the book provide sample research questions and activities. 
Christina L. Kunz

Specialized Legal Research

Hazelton identifies unique sources for legal research in specialized areas of law, such as environmental law, military law, banking law, tax and other specialities.
Penny Hazelton