Native American Law

American Indian Law

A casebook which surveys the broad issues in the field of Native American law, as well as locates federal Indian law in a wider historical and international context. Chapter 9 examines the internal law of other nations such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and international law in general. In addition to a Table of Cases, this work includes a first revised text of the Draft Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Robert N. Clinton, Nell Jessup Newton & Monroe E. Price

American Indian Law in a Nutshell

This study aid provides a useful historical overview of federal Indian law and policy. There is extensive coverage of criminal and civil jurisdiction in Indian territory. Taxation and regulation, Indian gaming, and rights related to water, hunting and fishing are also outlined.
William C. Canby, Jr

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law

Described as "the single most important work in the field," this classic text treats the historical development of Indian policy, the tribal-federal relationship, principles of interpretation and issues such as civil rights, natural resources and tribal property. This one-volume treatise is updated by pocket parts every other year.