Tax Law

Federal Income Tax: Examples and Explanations

This study aid is designed to provide students with a summary of topics and issues in federal income tax. It is designed in a question and answer format to give students examples of tax problems and then provide explanations to those problems. Its index includes a Table of Cases and a Table of Internal Revenue Code Sections. The fourth edition, published in 2005 is the most recent edition.
Joseph Bankman, Thomas D. Griffith & Katherine Pratt

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals

This treatise specifically covers federal income taxation of individuals by providing a concise, but complete account of the tax problems of single taxpayers, heads of households, married couples, and surviving spouses. It is supplemented by a 2010 supplement. Other tax topics are also written by this author, including taxation of corporations, estates & gifts, etc.
Boris I. Bittker, Martin J. McMahon, Jr. & Lawrence Zelenak

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals in a Nutshell

This study aid is designed to serve as an introduction to the US federal system of taxing individuals. Topics include discussions on what is income, what is deductible, and to whom income is taxable. The seventh edition was published in 2004.
John K. McNulty & Daniel J. Lathrope

Federal Income Taxation: A Law Student's Guide to the Leading Cases and Concepts.

This study aid begins by introducing students to key terminology used in federal income tax. The focus of the study aid is on introductory cases and materials, and in particular on individual income tax. The basic topics covered in the book include income, deductions, attribution of income, tax accounting, recognition of gains and losses, and capital gains and losses.The 11th edition was published in 2009.
Marvin A. Chirelstrein

Principles of Federal Income Taxation

This study aid, from the Concise Hornbooks series, includes analysis of cases and concepts from major casebooks and provides explanation of major topics in Federal Income Tax. It also includes graphical representations and charts of concepts in Federal Income Tax. The index provides a Table of Cases, Tale of IRC sections, Table of Treasury Regulations, and Table of Revenue Rulings. The seventh edition was published in 2005.
Daniel Q. Posin & Donald T. Tobin

The Law of Federal Income Taxation

This multi-volume treatise is the most commonly cited tax law treatise by the courts. It is arranged topically and is focused on using cases rather than determinations to clearly illustrate principles of tax law. It is designed to allow the explanations to be accessible through a number of research paths and includes multiple tables and indexes to find relevant information. Additionally, Volume I offers explanations of how to find information in Mertens. It is updated very frequently.
Jacob Mertens

Understanding Federal Income Taxation

This study aid is designed to supplement a traditional casebook and course in federal individual income taxation. Each chapter contains the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code relevant to that particular chapter's topic. Chapters also include summaries of leading cases and relevant administrative rulings. The third edition was published in 2008.
J. Martin Burke & Michael K. Friel