Payments Law in a Nutshell.

This study guide outlines the law of payments by cash, check and electronic fund transfer. A table of statutes and regulations is included.
Steve H. Nickles & Mary Beth Matthews

Pharmacy Practice and the Law

The text highlights issues central to current pharmacy practice, including malpractice liability, risk management, and product liability, and includes end-of-chapter case studies. This edition also provides a current and accessible explanation of new federal and state pharmacy regulations that reflect the recent directives of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.
Richard R. Abood

Practical Education Law for the Twenty-First Century

This single-volume treatise concisely summarizes the law, suggests trends and issues of concern, and provides practical advice for education lawyers, administrators, school board members, and teachers.
Victoria J. Dodd
Practice and Theory in Comparative Law 2012

Practice and Theory in Comparative Law

Rather than focus solely on the theory behind comparative law, this book mingles essays from experienced comparative law attorneys with those of newer lawyers to give a mix of views on how the theory actually holds up in the real world of practice. This would be an excellent selection for anyone preparing to enter the international law arena or for those with only a couple of years worth of experience.
Maurice Adams & Jacco Bomhoff, eds.

Price on Contemporary Estate Planning

Extensive coverage of estate planning issues including life insurance, noncharitable gifts, limiting estate size, trusts and closely held business interests. Numerous forms, and checklists are included. Also includes Tables of cases, IRS sections, treasury regulations and miscellaneous federal citations. Updated by supplementay volumes.
John R. Price

Principles of Bank Regulation.

The graphical figures throughout this concise treatise offer a unique view of the regulatory world of banking. The interplay between regulatory agencies and contemporary developments in the regulatory law are emphasized.
Michael P. Malloy

Principles of Civil Procedure

This study aid is a part of the Concise Hornbooks series and focuses on the core concepts and principles of civil procedure. This book breaks down topics in civil procedure by offering a brief orientation to the issue, then giving a more detailed overview of procedural problems, and then offering conclusions. Chapters focus on introductory considerations, stages of litigation, governing law, authority to adjudicate, former adjudication, complex litigation, and concluding considerations.
Kevin W. Clermont

Principles of Constitutional Law.

Concise overview of the fundamental principles of constitutional law, designed for law students. Topics covered include the origins of judicial review, federal jurisdiction, commerce clause, due process, equal protection and freedom of speech and religion.
John E. Nowak & Ronald D. Rotunda.

Principles of European Union law

Part of the Concise Hornbook series, this volume covers both the both the history and current institutional structure of the EU, as well as a broad range of substantive law and policies.
Ralph H. Folsom

Principles of Federal Income Taxation

This study aid, from the Concise Hornbooks series, includes analysis of cases and concepts from major casebooks and provides explanation of major topics in Federal Income Tax. It also includes graphical representations and charts of concepts in Federal Income Tax. The index provides a Table of Cases, Tale of IRC sections, Table of Treasury Regulations, and Table of Revenue Rulings. The seventh edition was published in 2005.
Daniel Q. Posin & Donald T. Tobin

Principles of International Environmental Law 2012 3rd

Principles of International Environmental Law

This third edition presents a comprehensive overview of international environmental law. It includes an excellent index, which makes it easy to locate specific discussions of certain major environmental cases and treaties.
Philippe Sands
Principles of International Law 2012

Principles of International Law

This introductory resource provides a concise overview of public international law, briefly describing its history and sources, as well as the institutions that create, interpret, and enforce the law, with special attention given to the International Court of Justice. It also covers major treaties, the customs that govern them, and procedures for resolving international disputes.
John Balouziyeh

Principles of Legal Research

This is the successor to the classic legal research text How to Find the Law. It covers the traditional American legal research subjects (researching law created by each branch of government) as well as International Law and the law of foreign countries. An appendix lists the leading treatises by subject. 
Kent Olson

Principles of Property Law

From the Concise Hornbooks series, this study aid on property law is organized similarly to a typical law school property law curriculum. Each chapter begins with a summary, then briefly outlines the law in that particular topic area. Each chapter then addresses problems designed to help law students think about how the rules are applied in real life situations. The problems are followed by statements of applicable laws, then analyses of the issues raised by the problem. The most recent edition is the sixth edition, published in 2005.
Herbert Hovenkamp & Sheldon F. Kurtz

Principles of Wills, Trusts and Estates

This treatise provides a brief overview of the basic principles of wills, trusts and estates, such as testamentary power, formalities, revocation, future interests and living wills. A table of Restatement references is included.
William M. McGovern, Jr. & Sheldon F. Kurtz

Process of Legal Research

This complete introduction to the process of legal research introduces students to sources and vocabulary, including how the sources work and their scope of coverage. Books and electronic material are covered side-by-side. Practice sets at the end of the book provide sample research questions and activities.
Christina L. Kunz

Professional Responsibility: Examples & Explanations

This study aid tries to integrate the multitude of rules, statutes & regulations which govern a lawyer's activities. Therefore references are made to the ABA Model Rules, as well as the Restatement and numerous federal and state statutes on the topic. 
W. Bradley Wendel


This treatise and study aid was designed to explain the law of property clearly. It provides citations to recent case law as well as additional secondary sources that offer more comprehensive treatments of particular issues and topics. This book presents the basic rules and their policies while also explaining competing policies that might limit existing rules. Arranged in chapters, by topic, this book also features annotations in the margins to easily locate desired information.
Joseph William Singer

Prosecution and Defense of Sex Crimes

This treatise contains full coverage of legal problems involved in forcible and non-forcible sex crimes, including sexual and physical abuse of children and spouses, and prostitution. The appendices contain many samples, including motions, jury instructions and notice of appeals.
B. Anthony Morosco

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law Procedure, Forms

This treatise is only available electronically and can be either browsed or searched for specific topics. Considered the definitive treatise on the subject, this book provides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of every prosecutorial abuse, from the initiation of a criminal investigation through the appeal and post-conviction stages, for both federal and state jurisdictions. Many sample forms are included, such as a state court complaint for malicious prosecution, a memo in support of a motion for attorney's fees, and a form for informal discovery. Updated regularly online.