The Foundations of European Community Law: An Introduction to the Constitutional and Administrative Law of the European Community

Describes the institutional structure of the EU and its legal system, the relationship between EU law and the national law of the member states, as well as the judicial and administrative constraints on EU actions. Particularly helpful in providing clear, easy-to-understand explanations of the EU's often opaque terminology.
Trevor C. Hartley
The fundamentals of international human rights treaty law

The Fundamentals of International Human Rights Treaty Law

The goal of this book is to explain basic human rights law and includes sections on national protection, treaty body jurisprudence, government duties, reporting systems and other topics. The intended audience is national leaders, officials, or legal advisors, responsible for implementation, allowing brief explanations of issues and concepts.
Bertrand G. Ramcharan

The Gender Line: Men, Women and the Law

This treatise offers an overview of the construction of gender and the damaging effects of its stereotypes. It analyzes the ways in which law legitimizes the social segregation of the sexes through legal decisions regarding custody, employment, education, sexual harassment, and criminal law. In so doing, she illustrates the ways in which men's and women's oppressions are intertwined and how law molds the very definition of masculinity.
Nancy Levit
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The Law (in Plain English) for Small Business

This e-book is designed to introduce students, practitioners, and lay persons to basic issues in the law of small businesses.
Leonard DuBoff

The Law and Practice of International Banking.

This 2010 treatise covers international regulatory matters, merger, reorganization and insolvency of banks, the banker-customer relationship, the bank as service provider, guarantees and security, selected cross-border issues and Islamic Finance.
Charles Proctor

The Law of Admiralty

Although Gilmore and Black has not been updated since 1975, it is still one of the leading treatises on the subject of maritime law.
Grant Gilmore & Charles Black

The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell

This is one of the lengthiest nutshells in print, indicating how complicated the law of corporations can be. Written as a study guide, this treatise touches on modern business forms, preincorporation transactions, shares and shareholders, and closely held, as well as publically held corporations. An extensive glossary is included.
Robert W. Hamilton

The Law of Federal Income Taxation

This multi-volume treatise is the most commonly cited tax law treatise by the courts. It is arranged topically and is focused on using cases rather than determinations to clearly illustrate principles of tax law. It is designed to allow the explanations to be accessible through a number of research paths and includes multiple tables and indexes to find relevant information. Additionally, Volume I offers explanations of how to find information in Mertens.
Jacob Mertens

The Law of Government Contracts

Early 20th century legal classic on contracting with the federal government.
Shealey R. Preston

The Law of Higher Education: a Comprehensive Guide to Legal Implications of Administrative Decision Making

This reference is organized into five main parts: Perspectives and Foundations; The College and Its Governing Board and Staff; The College and Its Faculty; The College and Its Students; and The College and the Outside World.
William A. Kaplin & Barbara A. Lee

The Law of International Human Rights Protection

This publications covers three major areas as an introduction to international human rights. The three areas are foundations, implementation, and substantive guarantees. Sections of key documents are available throughout the text. 
Walter Kalin & Jorg Kunzli

The Law of International Trade

This guide to U.K. trade law, with commentary on seminal cases, and international trade law also contains changes in E.U. trade law.
Bernardette Griffin and D.M. Day

The Law of Lawyering

This two-volume looseleaf treatise is a commentary on the Model Rules. It provides the full text of each Model Rule provision in sequential order, followed by the authors' commentary, which puts the rule into context, helps identify its key features, and shows its relation to other Rules and the ALI's Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers. It is updated annually.
Geoffery C. Hazard & W. William Hodes

The Law of Life and Health Insurance

This online treatise covers all aspects of the structure and regulation of the life and health insurance industry, including detailed analysis of insurable interests and the application and underwriting process. It includes extensive case citations, organized by fact pattern and state, and state-by-state surveys of prevailing law. It is updated regularly online.
Hertram Harnett & Irving I. Lesnick

The Law of Oil and Gas : with forms

This multi-volume set is a comprehensive treatise covering all topics related to the law of oil and gas, including owner's rights, drilling, construction of oil and gas leases, remedies of the lessor for nondevelopment, etc.  All state and federal laws and regulations are examined in detail.  An extensive table of cases and forms on leasing, production and transportation are included.  Updated with pocket parts.
W.L. Summers

The Law of Seamen

This online treatise provides coverage of maritime law governing rights and obligations of merchant seamen. It includes statutes, rules, and case law and covers topics such as jurisdiction, definitions, duties of American consults, relation of foreign counsels to seamen, maritime administrative law, shipping articles, log books, desertion, crew salvage and more.
Martin J. Norris

The Law of Securities Regulation

This multi-volume treatise covers the specifics of regulating the securities industry, including registration requirements, IPOs, liability, blue sky laws, tender offer, takeovers, proxy regulation and much more. The final volume of the set includes a table of cases and administrative material, a table of statutes and extensive indexing. Updated by pocket parts and bound supplements.
Thomas Lee Hazen

The Law of the European Union and the European Communities

One of the most comprehensive single-volume resources on EU law. Coverage of substantive law extends beyond competition law and the internal market to include agriculture, environmental regulation, energy, public health, consumer protection, and social policy, among others.
P.J.G. Kapteyn et. al.

The Law of Torts

This hornbook replaced Prosser on Torts and its thirty-six chapters cover the full range of tort law issues, from strict liability to wrongful death to defamation. Numerous subdivisions within the chapters allows readers quick access to pertinent information. Case citations included are more recent than earlier Prosser volumes.
Dan B. Dobbs


The law of trusts and trustees : a treatise covering the law relating to trusts and allied subjects affecting trust creation and administration : with forms

Exhaustive treatise covering trusts statutes, rules, regulations, and court decisions.
Amy Morris Hess and George Gleason Bogert and George Taylor Bogert