Understanding Insurance Law

This study aid is designed to make the substance of insurance law accessible to the student and others unfamiliar with the subject. It is organized according to the various stages in the life of a contract. Part A considers the question, “what is insurance law?” Part B discusses issues germane to the establishment of the contractual relationship between insurer and insured. Part C considers issues relevant to the performance of contractual obligations. Finally, Part D examines special problems in group insurance, special issues in automobile insurance, and issues in reinsurance.
Robert H. Jerry

Understanding intellectual property law

Understanding Intellectual Property Law

The new edition of this study aid covers recently decided Supreme Court cases, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as changes made in response to TRIPS. It also includes discussion of patents, trade secrets, copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights.
Donald S. Chisum

Understanding Juvenile Law

This study aid provides an overview of the legal status of minors. It looks at defining the rights, privileges and duties of adolescents.
Martin R. Gardner

Understanding Labor Law

This study aid focuses on management and labor in the private sector, dealing largely with the National Labor Relations Act, its interpretation, and application by federal courts and the NLRB.
Douglad Ray et.al.

Understanding Labor Law

A study aid focused on relations between management and labor in the private sector, dealing primarily with the National Labor Relations Act and its interpretation and application by the federal courts and the National Labor Relations Board.
Douglad Ray et.al.

Understanding Lawyer's Ethics

This resource provices a basic overview of legal ethics. It uses the ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility and Model Rules of Professional Conduct as the basis for discussion. Appendices address such topics as representing the unpopular client and taking advantage of an adversary's mistake.
Monroe H. Freedman & Abbe Smith

Understanding Property Law

This study aid is focused on helping law students understand the basic principles of property law and explain the policy concerns and historical context of the law. The book is arranged by topic in an outline style format.
John G. Sprankling

Understanding Securities Law

This study aid is intended to provide students with a general understanding of the basic issues encountered in a Securities Regulation class. It focuses on the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Marc I. Steinberg

Understanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls

This study aid is designed to aid both first year students who are introduced to the concepts of land use planning and zoning in their first year property course, and also for upper-level students engaged in more detailed coursework on land use planning and zoning. This study aid covers police power, takings, and zoning; zoning forms of action, economic discrimination and zoning; wetlands and beaches; and other issues such as the First Amendment and zoning.
Barlow Burke

Understanding Torts

This book is intended to serve as a study aid for students on the basic principles of tort law. It covers topics such as negligence, misuse of legal processes, invasion of privacy and gender bias. New editions are published often.
John L. Diamond, Lawrence C. Levine, Anita Bernstein

Understanding Trusts and Estates 2013

Understanding Trusts and Estates

This study guide offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the law governing wills, trusts, and future interests. It engages students with clear writing, realistic examples, and helpful graphic representations of present and future interests.
Roger W. Andersen

Uniform commercial code in a nutshell

Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell.

This basic study guide covers the process of selling, payment, negotiation, shipping, storage, financing sales, and leasing of goods.
Bradford Stone

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Uniform Commercial Code Series

Organized according to the UCC, numerous authors analyze and provide commentary on each article of the code in this multi-volume looseleaf treatise. Updated monthly.
William D. Hawkland

Venture Capital and Small Business Financings

This multi-volume treatise covers the tax and securities law issues arising out of the financing of small businesses, and includes advice on choosing the form of business entity. Also includes text of major statutes and forms.
Robert J. Haft

Water Law in a Nutshell

This study aid addresses the fundamentals in water law and attempts to focus on the most recent developments in water law. It discusses both riparian rights, prior appropriation, hybrid systems, as well as other variations in water allocation. Additionally, it has chapters providing an overview of rights to use the surface of waterways, groundwater, diffused surface waters, Federal and Indian reserved rights, interstate allocation, and water service and supply organizations. The most recent edition is the fourth edition from 2008.
David H. Getches

Waters and Water Rights

This multi-volume treatise is the preeminent treatise on water law. This treatise covers riparian rights, prior appropriation, groundwater law, the public right to use water in place, Federal and Indian rights, interstate water allocation, international waters and environmental controls. An index, tables of cases, and tables of statutes provide assistance with locating information within the treatise. It is updated by pocket parts, however, the most recently received update was from 2008.
Robert E. Beck

Lexis Advance

Weinstein's Evidence Manual

The online volume comprehensively covers the Federal Rules of Evidence for judges, lawyers and students who need a concise guide to the practical and theoretical information required in the court, office, and classroom.
Jack B. Weinstein

Weissenberger's Federal Evidence

This is a comprehensive treatise on the Federal Rules of Evidence that serves as a succinct yet scholarly analysis of the Evidence Rules for judges, practitioners, and students. This work contains a careful examination of the most recent changes in the Federal Rules, including those that went into effect in December of 2006. Updated annually online.
Glen Weissenberger, James J. Duane

Wharton's Criminal Law

This multi-volume set is the preeminent work on criminal law, providing extensive analysis of all components of this area, from arson to embezzlement to murder to extortion. Both federal and state analysis is provided. The Model Penal Code is discussed in-depth. Updated annually with a cumulative supplement. Print edition last updated in 2011.
Charles E. Torcia

Wharton's Criminal Procedure

This treatise has been a classic and older editions are referred to by practitioners. Print edition last updated in 2002.