Source Cite Procedure

Source Cite Room and Responsible Parties:

The editor of the journal planning a source cite is required to sign up for the use of a source cite area and make arrangements with the circulation staff to sign out all Law Library books needed for the source cite. The circulation staff will create a library record for your journal, including the name and e-mail address of the  editor.

The journal is responsible for all books charged out, including returning them and responding to recall notices. According to Law Library policy any patron who has not returned books after 5 weeks will be charged replacement costs plus a $25.00 processing fee. Please note that failure to return recalled books prevents further borrowing of Law Library materials.

Reference Help:

The main contact for journal editors for research assistance is Margaret Chisholm. She also alerts the reference staff when a source-cite will occur to ensure the staff is available and knowledgeable of the article topic. If you would like a special consultation on source-citing or researching footnotes, please use the form here.

Use of the Collection:

In an effort to provide equitable access to our materials we request that Supreme Court Reporters, Federal Reporters and the Federal Supplement be gathered from the stacks. Further we ask that materials shelved in the Reading Room be charged out to a source cite and returned to the circulation desk for check in at the end of the evening.

  • Eli Express: Books from other libraries on the Yale campus must be borrowed and returned by the individual who borrows the books for the source cite. The library staff will not borrow books through Eli Express for source cites. The Law Library staff is unable to intercede with questions regarding fines from other libraries on this campus.
  • Interlibrary Loan: Books and copies of articles needed for source cites may be obtained through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) if the material is not available at any of the Yale Libraries. It is important to include specific citations and allow 7-10 days for delivery. Questions can be directed to Books borrowed through ILL will be charged out only to the person whose name appears on the orange band. This person is responsible for the book until it is returned and checked in at the circulation desk. ** There is a fee for lost or damaged ILL books. Fees are determined by the lending library. There is an additional $25.00 processing fee. **
  • Newspapers: Copies of newspaper articles are often requested through ILL. Every effort is made to obtain pdf copies, microfilm or microfiche for a particular citation.  Please note that obtaining copies of articles is often difficult and sometimes will result in a re-formatted copy of a required articles rather than an exact duplication.  If this is not acceptable, another alternative would be to seek a copy of the material from the author of the article. Before ordering a newspaper article through ILL, check both Orbis and the Yale Library Journals and Newspapers website.
  • Reserve Material: Use of reserve material for source cites is subject to the usual rules and regulations. All reserve items must be signed out by an individual and that individual is responsible for returning the material on time and for payment for any lost or damaged material plus a $25.00 processing fee.

Book Carts:

You are welcome to use library carts for transporting books to the circulation desk for check out and then to the source cite room. We ask that books be stored on the shelves or on your journal carts. Law Library carts are needed by library staff on a daily basis.

Signing Out Books:

Signing out the large numbers of books often needed for a source cite is time consuming. Please allow enough time for this procedure.

Shelves in the Source Cite Areas:

We have set aside shelves in the source cite areas for storing books. It is important to label the shelves with the name of the journal, name of the lead editor and the date. The library staff does not assign shelves. At this time space is available in the source cite room on L3, the Lower East Side (LES), and the Upper East Side (UES). We ask that books no longer needed be returned to either circulation desk for check in as soon as possible. The shelf space is limited.

Tables in the Source Cite Areas:

We request that tables in the source cite areas be cleared following each source cite. Re-shelving When a source cite has been completed, the books should be loaded onto a book cart with a note indicating that the material is ready for check in. The cart is to be rolled to the circulation desk on L3 or the Upper East Side (UES). The library staff will re-shelve the books once they have been checked in.

Food and Beverage: Food is not permitted in the library at any time. Beverage is permitted in an authorized spill proof container.