Strategic Plan 2010-2015


To be the best academic law library in the world


The Lillian Goldman Law Library supports the educational and scholarly programs of Yale Law School and Yale University as we:

  • Discover, acquire, and create a superb collection of resources
  • Organize, publish, and deliver information to our patrons
  • Provide excellent assistance and instruction to aid in unlocking our rich collection
  • Promote the best tools for finding information and using our resources
  • Preserve resources, information, and knowledge for current and future scholars
  • Provide a welcoming physical and virtual environment for our community
  • Support and encourage staff to reach their highest potential
  • Contribute to the larger body of global knowledge


  • We provide excellent service to our patrons
  • Every employee contributes to unlocking our rich and unique collection
  • We are creative, agile, and flexible
  • We recognize, appreciate, and value the unique qualities, background, and life experiences each person brings to the Law Library
  • We cultivate a culture of trust and integrity through honest communication
  • We are environmentally responsible


1.  Continue to build, disseminate, and make accessible our unparalleled collection

  • Continue to develop and publicize what makes us unique:
    • a premier collection of historical legal materials
    • a superb foreign and international law collection including an extensive collection of public international law and human rights monographs
    • a comprehensive collection of scholarly monographs for U.S. law
    • electronic resources of significant value to our faculty and students
  • Adjust collection development priorities and processes to changing user preferences, budgets, and technologies
  • Ensure that our infrastructure supports evolving standards in cataloging and acquisitions
  • Explore new collaborative opportunities for delivering information to our patrons
  • Make our resources available to patrons on multiple technological platforms

2. Make the library the place where everyone wants to go

  • Make every patron feel welcome 
  • Make optimal use of the Law Library’s space
  • Balance Law Library hours with Yale community needs and Law Library resources
  • Provide innovative solutions for research and learning

3. Be a creative, flexible, and smart organization in an ever-changing environment

  • Regularly review and reassess the Law Library’s organizational structure
  • Provide formal orientation, education, and mentoring programs for staff
  • Document departmental responsibilities, policies, and procedures
  • Share information and spotlight the work and contributions of all staff members  
  • Encourage and invest in career skills and professional development for library staff
  • Explore new avenues for library internships, fellowships, and other recruiting initiatives
  • Gather, analyze, and share statistics that support strategic decision making

4. Continue to develop and improve reference assistance and legal research instruction

  • Develop consistent and customized outreach strategies
  • Improve access to reference services
  • Optimize the role of librarians in legal research instruction
  • Explore and implement appropriate reference and instructional technologies

5. Contribute to the larger body of global knowledge

  • Make our unique content available to a wide audience
  • Expand the library’s role as a publisher
  • Formalize support and opportunities for staff to publish and present scholarly material

6.  Increase environmental consciousness and responsibility amongst library staff and patrons

  • Create and implement environmentally responsible directives to guide staff efforts
  • Promote less waste and more recycling and upcycling among library patrons and staff