Advocacy for Children and Youth

76 Conn. App. 693, 821 A.2d 796 (2003) (pdf) - holding (1) between a Guardian ad Litem and a natural guardian, the Guardian ad Litem is the best person to represent the child...
90 Conn. App. 565, 579, 877 A.2d 941 (2005) (pdf) - holding that the court, in accordance with the constitution, properly appointed counsel to represent the minor's...
Online from the CT General Assembly
A brief guide to explaining how to locate legislative history documents at the Connecticut State Library
The federal government portal to free government information - U.S. Code, C.F.R., Fed. Reg., other free government information
Contains case annotations, statutory histories, historcial notes, and cross references to related statutory sections and to the Constitution of the State of Connecticut -...
Ch. 41- DCF Policy Manual; includes Subsidized Guardianship
Krause, Harry D. and David D. Meyer (2007) - L5


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