Advocacy for Children and Youth

Popular and scholarly material - subscription database with access to Yale community only
Bills Status Telephone Number: (860) 757-6550 to receive the most current bill status information
West Pub. Co. - all decisions in Connecticut beginning with v. 53, Conn. Supp. beginning v.19, Conn. App. and Conn. Cir. - L5
Selected memoranda from Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas - L3 Reading Room
76 Conn. App. 693, 821 A.2d 796 (2003) (pdf) - holding (1) between a Guardian ad Litem and a natural guardian, the Guardian ad Litem is the best person to represent the child...
Includes a link to BJS publications, which summarizes the movement of prisoners into and out of death sentence status during the year - many stats, including Prisons &amp...
Armata, Barry F. (et al) (1988) - Reading Room
Hardin, Mark - Washington, DC: ABA Center on Children and the Law; L5
Publications page: Child Court Works - free online newsletter; ABA Child Law Practice Online - monthly publication - $50 student subscription


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