child advocacy

Cheeseman, Lawrence G. and Arlene C. Bielefield (1992) - great list and explanation of the (print) sources of Connecticut law, including researching legislative history and...
1973-current - UES; the Sourcebook brings together data from more than 100 sources about many aspects of criminal justice (including juvenile justice) in the United States....
Indexes and abstracts articles, books, book chapters, etc. - subscription database with access available to the Yale community only
Access to bibliographic information, author abstracts, and references from over 8,500 research journals - subscription database with access available to Yale community only
indexes and abstracts articles plus full text of selected periodicals - subscription database with access available to Yale community only
Search by keyword etc. for U.S. Government information products (once individual reports are located, search in Orbis or MORRIS)
Yale Law School's Catalog contains bibliographic records of books, databases, and other materials available through the law library.--For law-related reports/studies
Created by the Yale RCW clinic - contains child protective and custody law for every U.S. state and every country as of 2005.
Administrative Regulations - 18 looseleaf volumes, updated semi-annually - L3 Reading Room


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