China Legal Resources

Official website providing laws and regulations on patent, trademarks and copyright in Chinese.
Official site with selective information on laws and regulations, cases and judicial interpretation on major criminal cases. In Chinese only.
This Government website provides a list of all the treaties that are in force and are applicable to the Hong Kong SAR. Most of the treaties on our list applied to Hong Kong...
An information portal with the legislative history of the Basic Law, its full text, judicial interpretation and decisions by the NPCSC as well as related resources.
with English translation, introduction, and annotation by Luo, Wei (2000) - in English and Chinese
Compiled by Constance Axinn Johnson (1996) - F&L REF, REF, LES
Zhonghua renmin gongheguo quan guo renmin daibiao dahui Changwu weiyuanhui gongbao (全国人民代表大会常务委员会公报)
By Jiahong Yang at Osgood Hall Law School, York University


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