China Legal Resources

One of the most important sources of up-to-date information about legal developments in China. This site contains articles on Chinese and international legal developments,...
The site is multilingual and covers a wide range of legislative updates and news relating to the Legislative Yuan.
Li, K. X. and C. W. M. Ingram (2002) - LES
In English and Chinese.
The bilingual site provides texts of laws and regulations as well as considerable material on the legal profession. The databases for Ministries sometimes contain regulations...
A bilingual website covering statistical and census data as well as laws and regulations issued by the bureau.
Compiled by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council (2001-)
China's official daily national newspaper. Often publishes full text of key laws and regulations soon after their promulgation. It is a good source for checking new...
The collection consists of human rights treaties, adjudicative materials, other core human rights documents.


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