China Legal Resources

China's official daily national newspaper. Often publishes full text of key laws and regulations soon after their promulgation. It is a good source for checking new...
An initiative launched by Stanford Law School to make a searchable database of “guiding cases” from China’s Supreme People’s Court available in Chinese and English...
Keith, Ron and Zhiqiu Lin (2006) - LES
A looseleaf publication of English translation of major laws compiled by the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress...
The collection consists of human rights treaties, adjudicative materials, other core human rights documents.
Provides full texts and abstracts of scholarly dissertations. Searchable in English but full text articles are in Chinese.
Guo wu yuan fa zhi ban gong shi bian 国务院办公室编 (2002) - LAW
The print collection of notable cases 1993- published by Renmin University (人民大学)
Selective coverage of minor Chinese legal journals.


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