China Legal Resources

Prepared by Susan V. Lawrence and Michael F. Martin, Specialist in Asian Affairs, CRS. March 20, 2013.
A comprehensive research guide prepared by Roy L. Sturgeon at Tulane Law Library and Sergio Stone at Stanford Law School's Robert Crown Law Library.
A succinct research guide prepared by Xiaomeng Zhang, U. Michigan Law Library.
Portal of CRS reports; can filter reports by date and region.
Author: Susan V. Lawrence (Congressional Research Service, Specialist in Asian Affairs) November 12, 2013
A Hong Kong-based newspaper in English with current news about China and other Asian countries. Please inquire at for User ID and password
Large database of Chinese law available in Chinese and English.
Factiva contains nearly 8,000 sources from 118 countries and 22 languages, and 120 continuously updated newswires. Coverage includes: Same-day and archival coverage of The...
JSTOR is a fully-searchable database containing the back issues of scholarly journals in history, economics, political science, demography, mathematics and other fields....
Primary resources on Chinese law (in English and Chinese)


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