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Provided by the University of Hong Kong Law and Technology Centre, the portal provides topical research guides into a wide range of topics relating to the laws of Hong Kong.
Contains approximately 25,000 volumes of Chinese gazetteers published after 1949, covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions of the People's Republic of China; in...
Consists of two series, Chinese Electronic Periodical Services (CEPS) which include major academic journals from Taiwan and few selected journals from China, and Chinese...
Collects all data of population census in 2010 published by China Statistics Press, including all population data of the whole country, 31 provinces and centrally...
Prepared by Susan V. Lawrence and Michael F. Martin, Specialist in Asian Affairs, CRS. March 20, 2013.
A comprehensive research guide prepared by Roy L. Sturgeon at Tulane Law Library and Sergio Stone at Stanford Law School's Robert Crown Law Library.
A succinct research guide prepared by Xiaomeng Zhang, U. Michigan Law Library.
Portal of CRS reports; can filter reports by date and region.
Author: Susan V. Lawrence (Congressional Research Service, Specialist in Asian Affairs) November 12, 2013
A Hong Kong-based newspaper in English with current news about China and other Asian countries.


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