China Legal Resources

A succinct research guide prepared by Xiaomeng Zhang, U. Michigan Law Library.
Portal of CRS reports; can filter reports by date and region.
Author: Susan V. Lawrence (Congressional Research Service, Specialist in Asian Affairs) November 12, 2013
A legal information portal established by the Legislative Yuan in collaboration with Global Legislative Information Network (GLIN) which includes search platforms for...
Compiled by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (2003) - LES. In English & Chinese.
Ganea, Peter and Thomas Pattloch (2005) - LES
Consists of extensive judgments from various courts, ordinances and regulations and selective secondary sources.
1971-present - UES
The website consists of information about the judiciary and selective judgments of all levels of the local court system.
Hong Kong Journals Online (HKJO) is a full-text image database providing access to selected academic and professional journals, both in English and Chinese, published in Hong...


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