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Human Rights in China, Inc. (1996-present) - UES.
Ganea, Peter and Thomas Pattloch (2005) - LES
"A main objective is to promote arbitration and other alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR) in Hong Kong which is a service centre for Asia and gateway to...
Luo, Wei (2005) - F&L REF, REF, LES
Moser, Michael J. and Winston K. Zee (1999) - LES
This is the official web site of the Department of Justice of the HKSAR. It includes The Laws of Hong Kong, which contains three sections: The Laws of Hong Kong; The Basic...
Primarily Chinese website co-hosted by the Supreme People's Court and the People's Court Daily.
Hosted by the Law School of the People's University, the primarily Chinese site provides news and some case analyses.


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