foreign and international tax law resources

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Barents, René (2009) - LES
Germain, Claire (1991-) - L3 Reference, L1 F/I Reference, UES. There is a section on international and foreign taxation in Chapter IV.
Hines, Y. (2007) - UES
Kuntz, Joel D. & Robert J. Peroni (1991-) - L4; Westlaw: WGL-INTTAX).
Treatises on International taxation in Westlaw include: Analysis of United States Income Tax Treaties Andersen: Foreign Tax Credits Conlon & Aquilino: Principles of...
Lexis and Westlaw offer a comprehensive selection of primary and secondary international tax materials and some foreign tax materials. To access the foreign and international...
Miller, Angharad (2009)
Nova Science Publishers (2009) - L4
ed. by Vito Tanzi, Alberto Barreix, and Luis Villela (2008) - UES


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