foreign and international tax law resources

compiled by Oscar Cetrángolo and Juan Carlos Gómez-Sabaini (2006) - UES
Find the OECD’s 2008 Model Tax Convention (pdf), 2005 Model Tax Convention (pdf), other Publications and Documents, and a plethora of information related to international tax...
Hines, Y. (2007) - UES
Martindale-Hubbell (2005) - summary of tax laws with citations to legislation on a country-by-country basis; Lexis: INTDIG
Nathan, Aparna (2008) - edited by Milton Grundy
Fraser Institute, 2008 - UES
Thompson, Samuel C. (2007) - L4
RIA - Westlaw: RIA-TAXT (current) - treaties between the U.S. and other countries, technical explanations, Senate Committee reports, Secretary of State reports and other...


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